Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

Tribute Funeral Services Provides Compassionate Support. Our Funeral Directors in Werribee Serve Your Needs.

Planning a burial service is a difficult endeavour. Tribute Funeral Services understands that paperwork and package comparisons seem impossible to complete in the midst of the grieving process. This is why we emphasise the importance of compassionate care, offering our clients the attention, support, and understanding they need. When searching for funeral directors in Werribee, contact us.

Tribute Funeral Services recognises the delicacy of planning a burial service. To help individuals honour their friends and family we’ve created a series of straightforward packages, including: Traditional, Graveside, and Non-Attended. Each of these packages provides specific services, tailored to different needs and budget requirements. This allows our clients to quickly assess their own situations and choose accordingly – saving time for mourning instead of endless details.

Our funeral directors in Werribee believe that everyone deserves a dignified burial, and each of our packages reflects that.

Traditional Service – We arrange for a respectful service at a church or private venue. We then provide a burial or committal at a cemetery chapel of the client’s choosing.

Graveside Service – We secure a graveside committal ceremony at a Victoria cemetery, ensuring the comfort of all attendees through canopied seating.

Non-Attended Service – We provide private burial services, addressing all certification, preparation, and transportation needs.

Our funeral directors in Werribee will carefully explain each of these package options, allowing all clients to feel confident with their decisions. To learn more, contact us today.