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Funeral Directors in Taylors Lakes

Conservation defines the lives of many, with each choice shaped by sustainability and all steps meant to leave these faintest of carbon footprints. Environmental awareness reigns among Victoria, which is why the funeral directors at Taylors Lakes now provide eco-friendly services for all individuals.

Tribute Funeral Services recognizes the changing dynamics of burials and cremations. Our clients wish to experience superior services without impacting the environment. This is why we offer eco-friendly options, combining compassion with a green philosophy.

When consulting with funeral directors at Taylors Lakes about eco-services, ask about:

  • Burial Service Packages (including Single, Non-Attended, Traditional, and Graveside).
  • Cremation Service Packages (including Non-Attended, Graveside, and Single).
  • Coffin Options (including cardboard coffins, wicker coffins, or renewable plantation pine coffins).

Each of these services ensures an environmentally-friendly experience, helping friends and families honour the way their loved ones lived. They allow us to better serve the community, providing specialized care. Don’t mistake specialized for exorbitant, however. We offer a wide range of budget options, each proving both cost-efficient and eco-efficient.

To learn more about eco-friendly services in Victoria contact our funeral directors at Taylors Lakes:

Phone: (03) 9449 5236
Address: Tribute Funeral Services
Unit 1
29-39 Westwood Drive
Ravenhall VIC 3023

Our team will happily answer any questions about eco-funerals, as well as provide a full list of our other available services and free no-obligation quotes.

A Compassionate Provider of Funerals Near Taylors Lakes

The initial step is to determine what type of services you’d like to include, ranging from graveside burial services to chapel space for the funeral service itself. We can easily work up a quote at no obligation to you based on the answers to some questions. Alternatively, if you so choose, you can pay for the service now. The funds you provide go into a secured Funeral Bond provided by our director, along with accompanying paperwork certifying your payment and the amount of the funds.

In some cases, such a lump payment isn’t possible; we understand everyone’s circumstances differ. Tribute Funerals also allows you to pay in installments to ease any potential financial pressure. Ask our director about these additional options for funeral payment. Overall, we hope to demonstrate the level of care we have for our clients and their loved ones during your visit. We’ll do all we can to offer help to families like yours as we approach this tough subject together as a team.

For more information about funeral services and funeral directors at Taylors Lakes, call us today.