Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

Tribute Funeral Services Emphasises Client Care. Contact our Funeral Directors at Keilor Downs to Learn More

Funerals should never be bound by franchise rules and chain operations. However, too often is a one-style-suits-all philosophy pushed on individuals, with their grief packaged into impersonal services. There is a distinct lack of care and compassion, and Tribute Funeral Services wishes to change this.

Our funeral directors in Keilor Downs strive to provide specialised experiences for all. They listen to every request, answer every question, and help clients create touching memorials for their loved ones. They emphasise the need for careful examination, rather than rushing through a series of packages. Every choice matters and every decision receives the utmost care.

This is why our funeral directors at Keilor Downs now share stories from our clients, proving their dedication to superior service. To see these stories visit our Testimonials Page. There find first-hand accounts from families, all who received full planning support, including:

Burial Services (Traditional, Non-Attended, and Graveside).
Cremation Services (Single, Traditional, and Non-Attended).
Repatriation Services.
Pre-Paid Services.
Announcement Services.
Certification Procurements.
On-Site Chapel Viewings.
On-Site Memorials.

Tribute Funeral Services understands that our clients expect (and need) the best of care. These testimonials prove that we achieve that care. To learn more about our burial and cremation services contact our funeral directors at Keilor Downs today: by phone (03-9449-5235) or by email , or by using the form on our site. Our team will gladly answer any questions.