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A Coffin is generally shaped to conform to the body. Thin at the head, wide at the shoulders and tapered to the feet. A coffin is made of man made materials such as cardboard, particle board or MDF, and finished in a wood grain look laminate, paint or graphics. A Coffin can also be made from Solid Timber with a clear or tinted Gloss lacquerer finish. We have many coffins in our range, made from many different materials. Feel free to have a look and you may find a coffin that you feel is appropriate for the services you require.

Coffins range from $950 to $3300.

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A Casket is generally rectangular in shape. Made of Timber Veneers, Solid Timber and Steel. With a Solid or Split hinged lid, incorporating pillow, mattress, and plush lining in the base and lid. Religious icons are also incorporated into the external designs of some caskets. There are many different caskets in our range. You may find a casket that is suitable for your needs.

Caskets range from $3000 to $11000+.

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Urns & Keepsakes

We have a wide variety of Urns and other keepsakes. We have done this in an effort to accommodate for families needs. Feel free to have a look. You may find something that you feel is appropriate for your loved one, for both the services and as a lasting memorial.
Tribute Funeral Services have a range of Coffins and Caskets, and other Funeral keepsakes to remember your loved one.
Our Coffin & Caskets are sourced from local manufacturers and suppliers, and are made to the highest standards and finish.
We have a Coffin or Casket to meet the needs of a loved one, as well as Memorial Books, Crucifix and Urns.

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