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5 Things to Consider When Buying Urns and Keepsakes

5 Things to Consider When Buying Urns and Keepsakes

In this day and age, for various reasons, most families choose cremation to dispose the dead body of a family member. When entrusted with the task of buying a cremation urn for your late loved one, you have to take some good time in picking the right one, especially if you do it for the first time. As you go through this matter, here are five things to consider when buying urns and keepsakes.

1. Intended Purpose

Before anything else, you must know where and how you will make use of it. 

If you wish to bury the cremated remains in the cemetery, there are certain requirements that you need to comply before they allow you to finish the action. The requirements may include some limitations regarding the materials and size of your choice. If you, on the other hand, wish to display the cremation urn in your home, you will have the freedom to place it in a safe place and add some personalized touches.

The following are common uses for cremation urns which may help you in picking one:

  • Keeping the Urn at Home

Usually, when families place them at home, they opt for cremation urns that are aesthetically beautiful and expressive. If your late loved one was the earthy type, you may purchase a wood urn. If he or she had a delightfully delicate personality, you may put their remains in a handmade ceramic memorial.

  • Burying the Urn

When you decide to conceal the remains, you may go with simpler and sturdier designs. Sometimes, they will require you to place it inside a protective burial vault to protect it from the weight of the earth.

  • Placing the Urn in a Columbarium Niche

When putting the urn inside of an interior or exterior wall niche, you must take into consideration its space. 

2. Appropriate Materials

The popular and typical material types for cremation urns are wood, stone, ceramic, and metal. Upon choosing which type you will use, don’t forget to look at the location. Each of the typical types of materials usually last for years or more. But picking which material to use is usually a matter of personal preference.

Other materials such as sand, gelatin, salt, and paper are biodegradable urns. Families of those who passed away use these types of materials to return the remains of their loved ones back to earth in a natural and environment-friendly way.

3. Size

Aside from the materials, you must also make sure that the urn has enough room for the ashes and the urn must fit in the allocated space.

·         Capacity

If you want to secure that the remains fit inside the urn, you may directly choose an adult cremation urn. They generally hold ashes of those who were in between 200-220 lbs / 90-100 kgs. If you wish to divide the remains among family members, you may have medium urns. For small amounts of ashes for remembrance purpose, you may place the remains inside keepsake urns. There are also urns intended for tall and large framed individuals. To be more specific, there is a general rule in the industry for that: One pound of the person’s normal body weight equals roughly one cubic inch of cremated remains.

·         Dimensions

The dimensions of the urn, such as height, width, and diameter play a crucial role in choosing urns and keepsakes. This applies best when you are using a niche in a church or columbarium. You have to at least figure out the size of the niche before choosing your urn.

4. Design

Families prefer personalized urns to remind them of their late loved ones. You may engrave a name or an artwork to the urn or you may attach a photo of them. Other ways to express individuality is through their favorite colors. Also, funeral services offer a wide variety of designs and themes you may choose from.

5. Cost

The price of cremation urns comes in all ranges. Its cost is completely dependent on the materials, size, and design of the cremation urn of your choice. So before purchasing one, you must allocate a certain budget for your preferred urn. If you have a moderate budget, you may look for cremation urns with lesser monetary value but with greater production value. If you have higher budgets, you may invest in Artisan urns or any high priced urns that exhibit excellent and rare craftsmanship.

If you consider these things when buying urns and keepsakes, you will not only get what you need, but also what you want to honor your loved ones.

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